Case Study: ITS and ModiCam

Simple yet powerful monitoring for ModiCam improves reliability, ensures uptime for mission critical camera systems.

The ModiCam has been designed to provide a ruggedised outdoor power supply, SSD data storage and cellular Internet gateway for the world's leading IP camera systems.

The ModiCam is compact, lightweight and takes just minutes to install. Working off a variety of power sources including grid power, alternative energy or an intermittent power supply, the ModiCam is suitable wherever critical or remote CCTV capabilities are required.

The Challenge

Designed for use in remote locations, as well as critical security and public safety applications, ensuring uptime of the ModiCam system is crucial.

If the system goes offline important video surveillance is lost, and sending someone out to investigate and fix the issue is often time consuming and costly. Without an early way to detect faults, it was also possible that ModiCam could be offline for an extended period of time before the issue was noticed.

This just wasn't going to cut it for Mike Hulbert, Founder of ModiCam, or his clients.

"ModiCam is built to provide reliable video surveillance, but loss of connection or power in any system is inevitable at some point," explained Mike. "To maintain ModiCam as the most reliable camera system on the market, I needed a way to monitor its uptime status and quickly fix any connection issue."

Amit Hergass, Senior Software Engineer at Genesys took on the challenge of solving the connection issue.

"ModiCam should be connected at all times to the data network, be able to identify a disconnection event and if one happens, automatically reconnect. However, we discovered that when a disconnection event occurred, remotely initiated connection attempts would fail but locally initiated attempts succeeded; this made connection recovery very inefficient."

The Solution

"Once this behavior was identified, we decided to use a remote entity to initiate a connection and send periodic health-check messages to monitor the connection," explained Amit.

The Geneys IoT Supervisor System (ITS) was setup to provide this monitoring and alerting of ModiCam deployments.

The IoT Supervisor System consists of the ITS Client and ITS Cloud Server. These work together to monitor ModiCam.

The ITS Server sends health-check messages to the deployed camera systems, and listens to the heartbeat messages sent back from each device. These messages are an indication of ModiCam's connectivity and health status; if no message is received the server sends an email or SMS alert to the system administrator.

The ITS Client monitors messages from the ITS Server, and if not received, will raise an alert and restart the network connection.

"The truly unique part of this technology is that the health-check messages are not sent from the device to the cloud server, but are initiated by the cloud server to the device," stated Amit.

This is the only way to identify a communication issue on the device, identify a disconnection immediately, and quickly recover the connection without impacting the functionality or the client's experience."

ITS also logs the network status, providing useful statistics and reports to identify long term issues or upgrade requirements.

The Result

Mike Hulbert is delighted with the results achieved through the implementation of Genesys' IoT Supervisor System with ModiCam.

"Implementing the IoT Supervisor System with the already rugged and reliable ModiCam has significantly reduced offline incidents."

"Since implementing ITS, ModiCam's network connection has been stabilized and we have not experienced an unrecoverable network issue."

"Knowing ModiCam is being continually monitored has increased my customers' confidence in the product, and is opening up new opportunities for ModiCam."

About the Iot Supervisor System

The patent pending Genesys IoT Supervisor System provides simple yet powerful monitoring of deployed devices.

By receiving heartbeat messages from thousands of deployed devices, or 'things', the IoT Supervisor monitors their activity and alerts administrators to faults. It works by collating the heartbeat messages and intelligently rationalising a simple list of device health, reporting by exception and/or by health summary.

Using innovative technology that enables rapid deployment and re-configuration of devices, the IoT Supervisor is a must-have tool for modern IoT deployments.