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Why Choose Genesys?

We know that a successful IoT project is multifaceted and complex. From the device to the network to the data analysis and distribution - and everything in between - getting it right requires knowledge of the entire process.

That's why we have spent years developing end-to-end capabilities across the entire IoT ecosystem, and tackling the toughest challenges of how to connect everything.


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The Power of Platforms

To optimise time-to market and quality, Genesys has invested in a platform approach to hardware, software and firmware development.

We are continually developing and testing new products, which contribute to the suite of Genesys platforms. Through this approach we ensure rigorous testing and maturity of our offerings, without the heavy price tag.

Application Data Model

Commonise all IoT entities such as 'things', data, configuration and function into a single ubiquitous 'machine language'.

Application Communications Model

Enables data model translation, and bridging of the many communications channels deployed in a commercial IoT system.

Genesys Modular Stack

Cost-effective baseboards and modules that work together for streamlined development, rapid deployment and upgradeability.

Embedded C

Our embedded C platform is suited to the lowest end, low power micro controllers.


Cross-platform real-time operating system for mid-range embedded systems.

Embedded Linux

Cross-platform high performance embedded system.


Purpose built cloud server platform for hosting device management and data collection services.

Web Console

Web based device portal for management, configurations, commissioning, control and debugging.


Web based portal aesthetically and functionally tailored for each application, enabling users to manage and interact with IoT devices.

IoT Supervisor

Simple yet powerful monitoring of deployed devices.

IoT Manager

Comprehensive management of IoT system deployment and maintenance.

IoT Application

IoT application server hosted on the cloud (AWS, Azure) or your own server, linked to your PC's, mobile devices and back office systems.

"We were highly impressed with Genesys Electronics Design. From our first engagement to delivery of the final product, their ability to understand the requirements and adapt everything to fit was brilliant."

- Martin Dillon, TruScreen CEO

End-to-end Capabilities

From the device to the Cloud, Genesys can help you navigate the complexities of the IoT ecosystem.


We put the 'things' in IoT, including sensors, actuators, user interfaces, local storage, modules and platforms.

Local Network

With a variety of WLAN, LAN, WPAN, PAN and Protocol Stacks, we'll get your things connected.


Productivity-based IoT is enabled by the interoperability of disparate 'things' and sub-systems using our data and communications models.


WAN, LPWAN and Network Equipment to connect your IoT solution to the Cloud.


Leverage our Cloud systems or get support to Build your own, including Servers, Databases, Management Systems, Security and Infrastructure.

User Interfaces

Web Servers, Mobile Devices, Platforms, Security and a variety of other technologies that provide a simple and secure view of your IoT solution.

IoT in Action

At Genesys we're passionate about helping our clients organise the IoT chaos. Explore the projects below to see some examples of the work we've done. Click on the icons to learn more, or request a demo using the form below.

CASE STUDY: Genesys improves ease of use, accuracy and speed for TruScreen cervical screening technology.
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CASE STUDY: Improved power consumption, software architecture for ModiCam helps it take on global markets.
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CASE STUDY: Genesys helps POWERBID revolutionise the housing auction industry, provide transparency to bidders.
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CASE STUDY: Genesys demonstrates opportunities for IoT in the workplace with Genesys Smart Office.
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CASE STUDY: Simple yet powerful monitoring for ModiCam improves reliability for critical camera systems.
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CASE STUDY: Award winning Exoflex transforms hand rehabilitation therapy with innovative technology, improved data.
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CASE STUDY: Genesys delivers ultra-miniaturised PCB solution for Tzukuri unlosable glasses.
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CASE STUDY: Innovative Cardiac Output Monitor provides accurate, non-invasive cardiac output measurement.
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